Monday, June 11, 2012

And so again i have been a slacker and have not updated my blog. Since my last post i have graduated Nursing school and am currently looking for a job. My little boy is 3 1/2 years old and my husband still works as a Welder except now he is the Lead welder and has received a few raises. He has been an amazing husband and has put up with me not working for two whole years. The boat that we bought, we no longer have because we were in a car accident and it was totaled out. However we do have a brand new trailer that is huge and super pretty. So i will post some pictures of these few events.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

yay me!

Alright everyone, I have updated the pictures but i am lame and don't know how to make them all right side up. Oh well just tilt your head a little and everything will be ok.

So this was Halloween in 2010! And my shirt is wet because of the apple Caleb is eating! I was "Cyndi Lauper", Caleb was Batman, and Tom was a Court Jester. It was A lot of fun! This was a party at my very good friend, Kacie's house.

OK so this is Caleb's 2 year birthday! It was fun, he has way too many toys but oh well!!!

We took him to Olive Garden and they sang to him! It was so awesome!

Ok so we bought a boat and here we are at Deer creek! Oh how Caleb loves the water!! It is so much fun!!!

So here i am at walmart waiting in line for the New Moon DVD! I always have fun when there is chocolate involved haha!~

So i was gettting ready and decided that i looked cute so i documented!! ( it doesnt happen often)